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Feeling resistance in overcoming

change in your life?


Here’s a 30 minutes free hypnosis audio, guided by me that you can listen to,

to help you embrace change & to move easefully with it


For optimal benefits, ideally listen to this audio for at least 21days

Let me know where I can send it to



I went from not being able to look at strangers in the eye to helping others navigate their own healing journey. I eventually realised the solution never lied on the outside, not in others/bettering my surroundings. The answer always lies within, that we are the catalyst & the light that’s going to raise the awareness of others around us. I’ve found that my purpose in life is to be of service; in whatever ways that seem to manifest & realise that service was the missing joy in my ordinary life.

Through my healing journey, I’ve learnt several things that are proven to be a given; that life is an eternal journey of unlearning & relearning, who we’re meant to become are most of the time the opposite of who we thought we were to begin with, transformation sits on the other end of comfort & fear and transcending our own limitations requires a delicate balance of courage to challenge all notions (of ours & others) and the perseverance to whole-heartedly surrender to a bigger force outside of us.

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Hypnotherapy works by accessing the subconscious mind (Alpha/Theta Brainwave State or Hypnosis State) to tap into the root cause of the issue that you would like to address. There are various types of hypnotherapy and I approach my work through an integrative & holistic approach; which involves releasing stuck repressed e-motions (energy stuck in motion) - from the root cause (e.g. younger version of you, past life, etc) that’s still causing you to experience the issue in your current life right now.

In essence, the hypnosis portion is a dialog between me(the therapist) and your subconscious mind. Contrary to most people’s expectations, you will feel quite conscious & relaxed under hypnosis (Alpha/Theta Brainwave State). This is a state that you already go into naturally on your own over 20+ times a day, such as: When you wake up or just about to go to sleep, Drive the same route to work everyday, Daydreaming & you’ll also have the ability to open your eyes anytime.


                 Details &

During hypnosis, as we release repressed emotions from past memories, a surge of uncomfortable emotions & bodily sensations may surface and this is normal. My role is to facilitate and guide you through this vulnerable process for you to ignite your innate healing power, rewire the subconscious mind, have a better understanding of yourself and gain clarity as to why you are experiencing certain things.

The process is focused on resolving the issue first & foremost. I aim to do so in as little time as possible while still attending the overall well-being of the client. For this, most topics generally do not require more than two sessions for the client to experience significant shifts. Lastly, some people usually come in wanting a ‘quick fix’ but I usually ask people to come in with an open-mind, vulnerability, curiosity & compassion to better understand themselves.


Topics that we may dive into:
Inner-child work, Shadow work, Emotional Release, Intergenerational Trauma, Griefing, Forgiveness, Relationship Pattern, Self-Limiting Beliefs & Patterns, Mindset blocks, Self-esteem, Self-worth, Childhood & Adulthood Trauma, Anxiety & Depression, Fears & Phobias, PTSD, C-PTSD, Addictions, Physical Pain or Psychosomatic Illness

A session typically goes for 3-4 hours (give or take).

This includes: A pre-talk; where we’ll discuss the topic & gather more information to better understand you & your history, Hypnosis Portion (2-3 hours), Post-talk session (5-30 mins); where we go over your experience & gain better clarity of the things/patterns that surface during the hypnosis session.

One session: USD $222

Three sessions: USD $555 (about 3 weeks)

Six sessions: USD $1111




Hypnotherapy was something that came on to my radar very recently, and when I met Chrestella I knew I needed to book a session in order to explore parts of my past that shape me into who I am today.


She was so attentive before our session, and I instantly connected with and trusted her to navigate the depths of my thoughts and emotions.


Our hypnotherapy session was so thorough and Chrestella had the ability to tap into my subconscious, linking memories that explained patterns in my present-day behavior. The awareness I gained in just one session helps me now notice when I act in a habitual manner that is no longer serving me or my business. I would highly recommend working with Chrestella! She holds space, connects, and gives you answers you didn’t even know you were looking for. Thank you love.


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